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D4TC – Surveillance Ads and Social Media

When we talk about surveillance, we end up this conniving mix of both ads, apps, social media and everything in between. Starting with ads, online ads, it’s rampant, its everywhere and people today block it. There is a study that says over 419 million people block...

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D4TC – An Algorithmic Democracy

Social Media, what is it really? It evolved from the confines of a rough chat tool between servers back when ARPANET was still in production and the World Wide Web was still under development by Tim Berners Lee. It was a dream back then to communicate, to create a...

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Major Studio Final Project Paper Intro

Final Project - Intro A. Introduction - Effects of Online interaction. One of the many ways we communicate through the digital age is through social media, which is described as a collection of online communication channels dedicated to community interaction. Some of...

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Major Studio Final Project Paper Outline

Final Project - Paper Outline If my professor is reading this now, I currently plan to upload my Prototypes first, but I'll catch on to them later today since the results of the elections brought me down and I feel un motivated apparently. Luckily I wrote this early...

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D4TC – Planetary Horizons

How do I start? Trump won. Is this going to influence the design and writeup of this essay/blog piece? Yes, the answer is yes. Why is that? Maybe perhaps its because when overwhelming emotions control you, you end up writing about that instead and a lot of the...

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Major Studio Final Project Prototype 3 (GUI)

Final Project Prototype 3 (GUI for Reader) WHY PINK?! I'm sure you might ask but pink as a color in the psychology books is defined "This is a color that represents a gentle type of love. It is associated with nurturing, so it's not only used for romantic love, but...

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Major Studio Final Project Prototype 2

Final Project Prototype 2 Moving past the facial emotions I went to study if people would be able to determine emotion through body language. Unfortunately through research there were was not a set of universal categories but rather determinant points based on a...

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Major Studio Final Project Process 2

Final Project Simplified Thought Field: Psychology and Emotional Analysis Information is power, information can be used against or towards a person. I want to study emotions and peoples feelings. I want to know why people are hiding them when they’re talking or...

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Major Studio Final Project Prototype 1

Final Project Prototype 1 Once I was able to analyze the goals and focus of my project which was to let people realize and understand emotion.  I went and figured out what would be an appropriate prototype for my project. To start I wanted to see if people would be...

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