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These Boots are Made for Showing

I love boots, don’t you just love them? They look tough strong, and they will probably kill you if someone kicked you with them. I’ve actually been trying to buy these boots because they’re always sold out cause of a common foot size of 8 argue But luckily the local...

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Them Grey Suspenders

Rocking the Suspenders this fine morning for an event. Feeling a little Amish or Doctor Who or old ish hahaha Pants: Zara White Polo Shirt: Zara Suspenders: H&M Boots: Doc Martens...

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Do you like waffles?

Do you life waffles? Well I do too! Got some breakfast in IHOP today. I dunno about you but I must fill every hole with syrup! For waffles are like pancakes with syrup traps

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One of the Firsts

After setting the Apple Watch on my phone I get this email that says I’m one of the firsts. Wow thanks Apple! I also got an email to schedule a video call setup with Apple on my watch. Based on a google search Apple has shipped over 800,000 of the 1.7 million orders...

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Apple Watch Unboxing!

So guess what arrived today in the Mail? Well it’s my fantastic and insanely great Apple Watch and here’s the Unboxing video! I’m not gonna post a lot of stuff here cause I’m adding in all the details in the video. So click on and watch! I got the 42mm Aluminum model...

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Le Petit Souffle

Today I was in Makati and a friend of mine told me to pass by this amazing place called Le Petit Soufflé. Located in Century Mall, Makati A scuffle is a light spongy is baked dish usually made by adding flavoured egg yolks. It a delicious and amazing desert! I tried...

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A Little Bit Excited

Got the email! The Apple watch is on it’s way! Also I just read on an article there were currently 1.7 Million People who ordered the Apple watch and I’m one of those guys! Yay! hahaha But as it turns out only 800 thousand will be shipped on April 24. I really hope...

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Pine Stripes

Pine Stripes, get it pine, stripes? Ah never mind. I love this outfit I bought from the Gap! it just fits in with the whole pine tree vibe of Dahilayan! The 60-70 degree weather here is just amazing! And a sweater just makes it a little bit better. Striped Sweater:...

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That Pine Smell

That wonderful Pine smell in the morning is just amazing! Don’t you just love it! Strolling through the adventure park in Dahilayan, riding all the rides and the fun

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