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D4TC – Contra-Internet

The readings give to us for this lecture focused on the internet and various systems. and...

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D4TC – Plants and Networks

Ok so we're the assigned discussants for this and as much as I would like to write a blog post. We got caught up preparing the presentation and our thoughts so I've attached the presentation below. Though I may want to share that, it is amazing on the power of...

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D4TC – Fast Fashion

Given the various readings we were told to read for this, alongside a paper entitled the manifesto for design this blog post has been quite late to the part. Readings: ● Rob Horner, The Accidental Bricoleurs, 2011 ● Heiki Jenss, Fashioning Memory: Vintage Style and...

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Instruction Sets for Strangers – Process

Final Prototype This is us working on the final prototype of the device. It took us several versions since prototype 2 since we iterated using various materials, from twine, to nylon to string as well as analyze various strategies for the construction of the device....

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D4TC – Eye See You

What is the big eye in the sky? What is it? Is it God? Is it the sun? Or is it a expensive satellite or drone monitoring our every move? We don’t know But someone out there does. In the articles we’ve read we’ve discussed the concepts of drones and overhead...

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D4TC – The World of Tomorrow

What is tomorrow really? A question we may get to reflect on a lot of times. What is a utopia? What is the future we get to visualize in our dreams and then later meet in our realities? Often times I’m sure we’ve encountered movies where the main character enters a...

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Instruction Sets for Strangers – Process

This project perhaps as I heard was a DT favorite brought me to a personal challenge in regards to my skills and abilities. Since most of my skills were on the level of a technical and communication aspect it was interesting to see what I would be able to create based...

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D4TC – Anything is possible

One of the most fascinating things about todays reading was that it brought the idea and sense of various interpretations of certain words or objects that we see and are accustomed to. The first reading which is the Dictionary of the possible introduces words that are...

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D4TC – Queer Games and the Cyborg

Queering Human Game Relations Alright before I begin to those who might react reading this post since most readers may come from other sources rather than my professors. An article we read to start the discussion was this:...

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