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5 in 5 Project 5: Film Icons

One of the most things I love is film and that I believe was evident in my previous works. Storytelling through various mediums all bundled in a thing called multimedia. So for my final project I will be designing icons that would represent the 3 stages of film making...

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5 in 5 Project 4: Typographic Animation

Motions graphics is quite a tricky thing. It allows us to understand audio, whether it be a song or dialogue in a film in a visual manner. For some strange reason, typographic animation allows us to internalize words when listening and watching simultaneously. For...

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5 in 5 Project 3: Feeling Danny

While going through listening to some scores for movies. I decided to re visit one of my favorite composers Danny Elfman. Danny Elfmans musical background is quite phenomenal he began with a Cabaret Troupe known as the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo and later on...

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5 in 5 Project 2: Carpe Diem

After the events of last project, I took the time to explore the city again with sad eyes hoping to find some light. Taking the Metro North, I decided to stop by the Harlem instead of Grand Central and I walked to my destination. Harlem 125th street was the initial...

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5 in 5 Project 1: Where is the Love?

For my first project in my 5 in 5. I originally wanted to do a stop motion animation. Waking up at 6 in the morning, I discussed with a friend about having him accompany me to the shoot so I can be the main vocal point. A few hours after by 9am which is 9pm in the...

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Back from the dead

Ok back from the dead! This blog is coming back to life because of the stuff I need to work on in regards to my masters in design and technology. So expect some funky weird stuff here and there. A new category will be introduced here. It we called something like brain...

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Are you ready to Take Off?

Are you ready to take off to an exciting adventure? H&R Travel Tours is giving away 2 exciting getaways on their opening day, today! Just take a photo, use the hashtag #flywithHRtravel and boom thats one submission, want another? Take another photo, be creative ;)...

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I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally got this site up and running Wabaluba dub dub!! (Rick and Morty Reference). So this site is gonna be filled with new blog posts because honestly it's been a while, like seriously a while. Like 600 cups of starbucks later while. Speaking of Starbucks I tried...

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