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Apple Gold Watches

Apparently as it turns out when you order the Gold Watch Apple sends out a Email for you to pickup. I thought they would deliver it with a marching band and Pharell Williams singing Happy given its insanely huge price tag. Well here goes........

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The Kings Singers

Before arriving back in the Philippines I got an invite to attend the Kings Singers first performance in the Philippines. For those who are not aware the Kings singers is a British a cappella vocal ensemble founded in 1968 They are named after King's College in...

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Banyan Tree Spa

Spas for me are a place I always visit whenever I travel. I always need to find a place to relax since I constantly get pissed at bad layouts and font design. And Manila is like an epitome for me of bad design language everywhere. Comic Sans, improper use of colors,...

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Red Summer

Of course I wouldn’t leave Singapore without an OOTD outfit hahaha. Considering this is an amazing place with lots of fashion stores especially at orchid road. I took the time to wear something a little “summer-y” Red Blazer: Zara Shirt: Uniqlo White Shorts: American...

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Gardens by the Bay

A few months ago the Gardens by the Bay was still in construction so you couldn’t enter it. But now it’s finally open! The gardens by the bay is subdivided into multiple areas. The one with the flowers, the one with the waterfalls and the one with the lights on those...

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At the Marina

After all these stress in the office it was time for some R&R and what better place to get that than in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. This fantastic place is a 5 star hotel and basically the largest structure if I’m not mistaken in Singapore with a Mall, Musuem and...

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These Boots are Made for Showing

I love boots, don’t you just love them? They look tough strong, and they will probably kill you if someone kicked you with them. I’ve actually been trying to buy these boots because they’re always sold out cause of a common foot size of 8 argue But luckily the local...

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Them Grey Suspenders

Rocking the Suspenders this fine morning for an event. Feeling a little Amish or Doctor Who or old ish hahaha Pants: Zara White Polo Shirt: Zara Suspenders: H&M Boots: Doc Martens...

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Do you like waffles?

Do you life waffles? Well I do too! Got some breakfast in IHOP today. I dunno about you but I must fill every hole with syrup! For waffles are like pancakes with syrup traps

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One of the Firsts

After setting the Apple Watch on my phone I get this email that says I’m one of the firsts. Wow thanks Apple! I also got an email to schedule a video call setup with Apple on my watch. Based on a google search Apple has shipped over 800,000 of the 1.7 million orders...

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Apple Watch Unboxing!

So guess what arrived today in the Mail? Well it’s my fantastic and insanely great Apple Watch and here’s the Unboxing video! I’m not gonna post a lot of stuff here cause I’m adding in all the details in the video. So click on and watch! I got the 42mm Aluminum model...

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