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Le Petit Souffle

Today I was in Makati and a friend of mine told me to pass by this amazing place called Le Petit Soufflé. Located in Century Mall, Makati A scuffle is a light spongy is baked dish usually made by adding flavoured egg yolks. It a delicious and amazing desert! I tried...

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A Little Bit Excited

Got the email! The Apple watch is on it’s way! Also I just read on an article there were currently 1.7 Million People who ordered the Apple watch and I’m one of those guys! Yay! hahaha But as it turns out only 800 thousand will be shipped on April 24. I really hope...

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Ranger & Oreo

Meet Ranger Part Labrador Part Husky so you can basically say Labsky! or what my friend would say the Hubrador! Hahahaha Brought him to the vet and sadly discovered he has distemper! Noooo!!! If you guys are not aware of of what distemper is its a air borne disease...

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Pine Stripes

Pine Stripes, get it pine, stripes? Ah never mind. I love this outfit I bought from the Gap! it just fits in with the whole pine tree vibe of Dahilayan! The 60-70 degree weather here is just amazing! And a sweater just makes it a little bit better. Striped Sweater:...

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That Pine Smell

That wonderful Pine smell in the morning is just amazing! Don’t you just love it! Strolling through the adventure park in Dahilayan, riding all the rides and the fun

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Star Gazing

Look at the sky. It's not dark and black and without character. The black is, in fact deep blue. And over there: lighter blue and blowing through the blues and blackness the winds swirling through the air and then shining, burning, bursting through: the stars! And you...

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Sunset Silhouettes

One of the things I love are sunsets. I mean who doesn’t love sunsets. There’s something really serene to them, relaxing as well and a little bit sad A quote from the Little Prince "One day," you said to me, "I saw the sunset forty-four times!" And a little later you...

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Apple Watch Ordered!

So if anyone has been following my Apple Watch Live Stream. This is the moment. Since I was out in Dahilayan I couldn’t order the Apple watch because I would be on the road back to Davao and as you know. When you’re on the road your internet connection is really...

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