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The Usual

If you probably know me really well my ensemble always include a bit of red to attract attention. I have no idea why I go for this but I guess it’s a subconscious thing. Usually they assume my favourite color is red but it’s actually Blue hahaha There’s this thing in...

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Getting Brighter

As the weather gets a little bit hotter everyday moving towards the 80s and later on in the months to come the very bad 100 degrees. Since it was a bit cold at work today cause I basically work at a Advertising Studio with temperatures that are around the 50-60...

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Basically got this thing to run but….

So I got this website to run but something is off.....grrrr....... #fuck #fuck fuck..... Something is causing the page to not load....looks like I'm gonna have to re up load the framework and maybe re build each page? Arggghhh Stupid stupid net

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Rest in Peace Monty Oum

A great animator, friend and inspiration Monty Oum passed away yesterday afternoon at 4:34 PM. I am happy and thrilled and blessed to have met a great man. He has inspired me to keep going with my skills and learning in animation. I will never forget when you...

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Rain & Coats

So the weather is in its 70s and that’s sorta cold I guess for some people. Very far from the typical 80 degrees to the very evil 100 degrees that people hate. So guess what? It finally rained yay! An excuse to wear this trench coat I bought at Burlingtons. The coat...

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Color Block Deuxième

Part two playing with my two favorite contrasting colors in the color wheel. Red & Blue. On my previous post I played with a red blazer and blue chinos. Now I decided to flip it by having blue on the top and red below but I added a mix of stripes in between. I...

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Ok WordPress…..bye bye Koken

Ok so with so much stuff I'm doing I really have to go back to wordpress. I wanna do parallax, sexy animation, cool things and stuff that isn't all white. But still white but with color and....ah you get the idea. Recently I've been struggling to master flat design...

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Color Block

Usually when I do graphic design I come back to the basics of color blocking in the color wheel. So you can say I'm kind of in love and somewhat biased with the red and blue combination. So I picked an outfit that showcased that love for that particular combination....

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Move Along….

So I told myself the website should be up and running before March. But there was a whole debate regarding what plattform to use. The endless transfer of data from Koken to Wordpress, from Wordpress to Koken. Damn it's driving me nuts!! Design wise, both are fine. I...

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Hello World

Websites, codes and ideas always have to start somewhere. Sometimes that somewhere may not be what you expect it to be. Maybe because you assumed where it all started was already grand amazing but in fact this isn't it. My blogging days began in 2008 when a Website...

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