Monster Prototypes 1 & 2

Sep 17, 2017

Prototype 1: Printed Monsters

Goals: The initial goal of this prototype was to test how people would react to the monsters visually. Since there are depictions of the monsters and artistic interpretations of them across the internet. I decided to print them and post them around my household to see if it would trigger a conversation.

Results:  The experiment scared a lot of people in my household and I shouldn’t do this again. However, it did start a conversation of monster stories and experiences. I am curious if there is an easier way to do this trigger without pushing it to the extreme shock factor?

Prototype 2: Laser Cut Monsters

Goals: I wanted to see if I could be able to create the same reaction with a flat laser cut monster similar to the printed posters.

Results:  There was something about the two dimensionality of the monster printout that gave it a weaker effect. It was cute but not powerful enough. Maybe I should try 3D printing or CNC cutting? I’ll research more into this

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