Updated as of February 2017


I’m Paolo a creative, with a passion for storytelling and communication
with a university and professional background on Computer Science, Multimedia Production,
Design and Advertising.

I’ve Engaged in several animation, multimedia and production projects
both local, and international (Asia, Europe and North America).

Co-Founded 2 Startups, the iCommP (Institutional Promotions & Communications Office),
and the SCT (Samahan Creative Team).

I previously worked as a University Professor in Ateneo de Davao University
and a instructor for Girls Write Now in New York City

Feel free to email me at paolovillanueva@me.com

Creative Technology

The art form where my background discipline in Computer Science mixes with my passion for the arts, producing, games, experiences, simulations and interactive exhibits.


My animation background focuses on two things, visualisation and storytelling where I use animation to create visuals to supplement and compliment my video production as well as model and animate characters to tell stories.

My drive to learn and produce animation is rooted in my passion for storytelling.

Graphic/Web Design

Graphic design allows me to use digital illustration and typography to communicate a vision that is both creative and supportive of my client. I am able to use this medium for branding, advertising, and other multimedia scores.

Video Production

Film Making is the art form, where all my passions link together. It is where animation, music, graphic design and photography unite to tell a story.

This art form enables me to use all my skills to tell a story that is able to transcend the screen and communicate.