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Carte Blanche 2014 Full Madness Kit

Project Description

On designing the full madness kit. We started by exploring various packaging designs, to DVD cases CD and DVD cases as well as those boxes you pick up various stores. One thing always fascinated me and that was the packaging in stores that sell organic food.They always had an art to the packaging, a sort of storytelling in an origami enclosure. And that’s what I loved about it.
That there’s a story to be told when you open a package.So we went into iterations working on Yellow Pad paper and bond paper folded to boxes and scratch paper teared from used paper as a working sample. We wanted to make sure that the experience of opening the Full Madness Kit told a story. From the moment you received the box it had to do these things
Tell you a story, Excite you, Give you a small freebie you didn’t expect, Deliver the product
Where most people design and make one thing and settle. Which I do personally hate. Because don’t try to become better.
We painstakingly redesigned the box until we were able to make it smaller and compact. So that it would be something that would fit perfectly in a handbag or carry around without much weight

Project Details

Client: Manic Nightnings Production
Date of Completion November 2014
Skills: Layout, Poster Design, Logo, Branding

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