Carte Blanche 2014 Production (Aftermovie and Thank You Video)

Video Production | Animation | Music | Graphic Design

Project Description

Client: Manic Nightnings Production
Date of Completion December 2014
Tasks Producer, Director, Editor, Videographer
Skills: Animation, Video Production, Music Arrangement, Multimedia

As the Creative Director I was tasked with the overall look of the event as well as Produce the Thank You Video and Aftermovie of this event. I led the team as well as worked on the pre, prod and post production of the event.

The output you see is a result of 500 Gigs worth of footage captured by a team of 20.

Thank You Video


Carte Blanche Soundtrack

by Paolo Villanueva | Carte Blanche Aftermovie Soundtrack


Directed by: Paolo PV
Edited by:Paolo Villanueva| Lara Baarde | Eanna Fernandez

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