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A 3D Animation Shadowgraph Dance Performance

Project Description

Client: Philippine Medical Association Conference
Date of Completion June 2014
Tasks Director, Animator, Editor, Conceptualisation, Music
Skills: Animation, Video Production, Music Arrangement, Multimedia

With 167 Hours of Rendering this project was the highlight opening art performance for the Philippine Medical Association Conference held in Davao City.

The project which was created in a span of a month and a half was produced using Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Cinema 4D & Maya. The production required constant rendering of versions in order for the performers to practice and master the overall presentation.

This project as far to my knowledge at the time has not been attempted in the Philippines while doing my visual research. It has only been done in Japan and France. Making us one of the first pioneers of this art presentation in Davao City.

Behind the Scenes


Production Shots

Soundtrack Link:
Behind the Scenes:

167 Hours of Rendering.
This has been my most ambitious project I was hired to do, not because it was 3D but because this was a performance that combined two disciplines into a synchronous brilliant performance compared to a mere video backdrop during a dance performance.

They’ve only done this Japan, well now I brought it to Davao.
Hopefully next time we can showcase a lot more of cultural elements of Davao.