Project: e-Votenista

Project Description

As the Head and Co-Founder of the Samahan Creative Team. We began a project to finally Automate School Elections.
Through research we have realized this has never been done before in other Ateneo Universities. Which led us to becoming the first in Mindanao and for other Ateneo Universities as well.
I led the charge to Automation being the Overall Creative Director alongside Nitish Khemani who performed the same tasks as but focused on the talks, planning and ideas, and Alfred Jett Grandeza who handled the application and programming.
These are the Posters, Video Commericals, Photos we produced to showcase our work.

Project Details

Client: Ateneo de Davao University COMELEC | Samahan Central Board
Date of Completion February 2012
Skills: Product Design, Layout, Design, Illustration, Art Direction

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