The Reach Missions

A Machinima Web Series (Mature, Comedy)

Project Description

Studio: Imaginamation Production
Date of Project: Mid 2010
Tasks Director, Animator, Editor, Voice Actor, Scriptwriter
Skills: Animation, Video Production, Music Arrangement, Multimedia

The Reach Missions is a Machinima Project I undertook with my friends in 2010 who were interested in working in the Animation/Video Production Process. We created Imaginamation Productions to house the series online as well as other series we produced. The Team was able to produce over 19 Episodes as well as other shows.

In 2011 since we decided to close the website down since we could not pay the hosting fees. Copies of the episode are still available online in our YouTube Page and are available upon request.

Draft Production

This was a sample draft production with a sample random script I produced in 2009 to showcase the capability of our equipment and that the production can be possible. I did the voice over with some voice altering software.

Episode 9 Sample

During the production we invited other voice over actors from the internet. This required us to send drafts and samples to them to show how the episodes humor works. This is Episode 9 which was under production in the middle of 2010 with the team.

Production Shots