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UM (3D Neon Animation Shadowgraph Performance)

A 3D Animation Shadowgraph Dance Performance

Visual Animation

Final Rehearsal

Project Description

Client: University of Mindanao
Date of Completion August 2015
Tasks Director, Animator, Editor
Skills: Animation, Video Production, Music Arrangement, Multimedia

With the success of my previous shadowgraph video, I was recommended to the University of Mindanao to produce a animated shadowgraph performance for their foundation celebration. This production focused on Neon Visuals in 2D animation form for the opening dance production.

The production was a challenge since I was to create visuals to match the dance choreography rather than produce my own choreography which was what I did in the previous project. The project was produced in a months time with a small margin of error as dimensions and reference videos were given to me in advance time.

Production Shots