The Usual


If you probably know me really well my ensemble always include a bit of red to attract attention. I have no idea why I go for this but I guess it’s a subconscious thing. Usually they assume my favourite color is red but it’s actually Blue hahaha

There’s this thing in film and tv shows where whenever the character wears a red shirt, they die and that all started out in Star Trek the TV series.

So anyway when you see me around the studio or campus I usually sport something that’s red and this shirt is probably the most overused shirt I’ve used but never really had the chance to be photographed.

So here’s that famous red shirt I’m always in. I paired it out in my favourite skinny black jeans and my all time favourite Doc Martens Maroon Suede Boots.

Someone told me I look like a lumberjack hahaha. (Insert Monty Python Reference)

Red Checkered Shirt: American Eagle Black Skinny Jeans: H&M Maroon Suede Boots: Doc Martens