Apple Watch Ordered!


So if anyone has been following my Apple Watch Live Stream.This is the moment. Since I was out in Dahilayan I couldn’t order the Apple watch because I would be on the road back to Davao and as you know.

When you’re on the road your internet connection is really spotty and bad. So I asked the help of my friend Adi to help me pre order the thing if I’m in a bad connection at the time.

So let me wind this story up a bit.

The Apple Watch would be coming out on April 24, but as Apple said on their announcement. They won’t be having any units available on the stores on launch date. So those pesky lines that people insanely line up for, for weeks won’t be happening. Instead you have to pre order them online and you can choose to either pick it up from the store or have it delivered.

So I just chose for it to be delivered. This is basically the first time Apple has decided to release a product online rather than in the stores. So basically everyone around the world will be going crazy on this. (think comic con tickets)

Imagine this a billion billion people in the world and millions of them simultaneously will be ordering at the same time!

So the moment came and the first 5 minutes I clicked order and boom it got in! YES and I have a delivery date of April 24 to May 8.

My moms which was ordered basically 15 minutes later got a May 25-30 delivery date. Which is insane if you think about it!

15 minutes later the products were running out!

So I got it ordered and it just says Processing Shipment and I’m gonna wait for an email for confirmation.

Here’s my fingers crossed.