Gardens by the Bay


A few months ago the Gardens by the Bay was still in construction so you couldn’t enter it. But now it’s finally open!

The gardens by the bay is subdivided into multiple areas. The one with the flowers, the one with the waterfalls and the one with the lights on those cone things. There’s a much fancier name to them but these are basically what people will get when you talk to them.

People don’t usually remember names so you just say “That place with the fancy lights on some cone” hahahaha

Anyway the flowers area is a magnificent area enclosed in a dome that is air conditioned. So basically people reading this, you can go there and admire the flowers in a lovely 68 - 70 degree temperature or lower hahaha.

One of the things I loved inside the flowers area was the fact they were playing instrumental Disney Music I dunno if they can be sued for this but it made the experience a little bit magical