I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally got this site up and running Wabaluba dub dub!! (Rick and Morty Reference).

So this site is gonna be filled with new blog posts because honestly it's been a while, like seriously a while. Like 600 cups of starbucks later while.

Speaking of Starbucks I tried out their new drink for Halloween while posting this. It's kinda cool and ok ish, has Mocha, Vanilla and Strawberry.

Sbux Halloween

Sbux Halloween

Gives the whole vampire thing to it.

By the way off topic. I've been off because I've been working on adding the stuff I do to this site which means my portfolio is up! Yipeeeee

Check it out at https://paolopv.com/portfolio

It has some potatoes on it! Check it out, of and stay tuned for awesome stuff and Giveaways because I do that now apparently hahaha.

Stay Tuned!