5 in 5 Project 1: Where is the Love?


For my first project in my 5 in 5.

I originally wanted to do a stop motion animation. Waking up at 6 in the morning, I discussed with a friend about having him accompany me to the shoot so I can be the main vocal point.

A few hours after by 9am which is 9pm in the Philippines. A friend messaged me saying to check the feed of my team in the University.

On a quick background note: I was the Creative Director and Founder of the Universitys Institutional Communications and Promotions office, I handled the communications, advertising, design and more which dealt a lot with a system of communication throughout the university and community)

There was a bomb that exploded in the nearby night market of the University.

I of course was shocked, Davao City was ranked in years to be one of the safest cities in the world, currently holding the 4th title, but after this I think things changed.

First thing I did being still rooted to my old job. I contacted my team, I checked if they were all right, my former boss began tweeting the Codes to initiate our planned protocols. As usual because of our system, students all interacted with us through Twitter and Facebook.

Most of the team members were on their way home and some were on campus, so I had to do what I can. I began disseminating information on the usual channels I still have access to, and gave it a widespread reach. I communicated with some team members on the ground to begin a search analysis in the area using GPS tracking. I also used some capabilities to see whats going on through the security cameras in the area.

I messaged Facebook to ask them to turn on the safety checking feature for the area. Because some of my team members were not checking in and some of my former students and friends were not checking in as well. It was devastating, it brought me down.

And to be honest, this really changed how I feel about my project today.

For the whole day, I was constantly checking on my phone, being contacted by friends asking me to spread out that people needed Blood Type O badly. It was intense and very very sad, a couple of people I know died and a couple were injured.


14 people died and 60-70 were injured. It was a terrorist attack.

I arrived home late still sad.

So I decided that for my first project.

I will make a simple slideshow, letting you know what happened because these images speak for themselves. Some of you may not even read this long post.

But at least you will know what happened a few hours ago from this video.

I will be using the re released Black Eyed Peas song where is the love, trimmed and edited using Logic Studio and edited to fit the images.

The video will be framed and masked in the question mark box as seen in the video.

#staystrong #staysafe