5 in 5 Project 2: Carpe Diem


After the events of last project, I took the time to explore the city again with sad eyes hoping to find some light. Taking the Metro North, I decided to stop by the Harlem instead of Grand Central and I walked to my destination.

Harlem 125th street was the initial setting of an animated film called paper man. Paper man brought a lot of wonderful feelings to the viewer with its simple love story and engaging storytelling through animation told in a nostalgic black and white atmosphere.

One of the things that struck me was the music composed by Christoph Beck. It had a feel of seizing the day within it. So I did some digging on Spotify and found tracks that had the same feeling. Given my background on film production and familiarity with film and music production I went through my usual favorite composers.

I tagged these tracks as Carpe Diem because they give you the same feeling of trying to seize the day. So for my second project, to make me realize a brighter mood from the previous one. Iā€™m composing a track.

The Video Process

The Track

The Info

The track will be written in a Major Key usually with me juggling between C and F and G keys. There will be a chord played in sequence in the background.

Everything else to accompaniment will be added through Logic studio because necessarily all you need is one live instrument.

I began the melody on my iPhone using Garage band which I will hopefully build upon once I get home at 8pm. I only have a short amount of time for this project left, hopefully I can create something meaningful out of this melody.

Hopefully I can improve on this later on, but so far in a short amount of time this was what I was able to come up with.