D4TC - Under the Skin of thoughts in AI and Xenofeminism


To begin this blog post I want to introduce the title D4TC to my usual readers and new readers. D4TC stands for Design for this Century a course I'm taking up at Parsons. It talks a lot about the deeper relationship we have with the universe and the universe to us. I say universe in the context that its basically everything since our discussions talks about the alien, the self and beyond worlds I think it seems fitting to use that word unless I could be wrong and I can retract that on a future post.

Blog posts are more or less for me a informal writing structure, writing what comes out of my head and less of research (but that doesn't mean I won't be doing research [I LOVE RESEARCH]) just so that I can say how I Interpret our discussions and readings.

So far for our class we were told to read these readings and watch these movies.

The­ Mastery ­of ­Non ­Mastery

Xenofeminism Manifesto

Bratton Outing Turing test

Souther Reach Trilogy Intro Chapter


Cave of Forgotten Dreams­ Herzog

Netflix stream: http://www.netflix.com/title/70145740

Under the Skin­ Glazer [warning: extremely disturbing themes/images/action]

Amazon prime: http://www.amazon.com/Under­Skin­Scarlett­Johansson/dp/B00JH3S0AI

So far most of the thoughts I have were into the AI and artificial intelligence readings as well as both movies given my background on film.

I've listed these down in bullet form since I mostly write what pops out of my head I can later digest these and throw them out during our recitation in the next week.

- It's not about the AI encompassing human motion but beyond it. What is Hard AI and a full AI really?

- What AI should we be afraid of in the future?

- Fear of AI is not fear of AI killing us but us thinking mathematically.

- Who decides when to preserve or continue the paintings in the cave?

- Why do we at a certain point preserve rather than contribute to our surroundings?

- Will we have something to leave this generation because everything is not digital as opposed to physical art?

- What does the cave look like today.

- Under the skin has beautiful music

- The music uses strings in a weird manner to convey uneasiness of the attack and killing trying to represent a sense of alien ness to the viewer

- The choice of being killed is on the person apparently. It seems like the person can choose to die or fight back

- There is an alienation between Scarlets character on herself.