5 in 5 Project 3: Feeling Danny


While going through listening to some scores for movies. I decided to re visit one of my favorite composers Danny Elfman. Danny Elfmans musical background is quite phenomenal he began with a Cabaret Troupe known as the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo and later on in a Ska band called the Oingo Boingo. Danny’s earlier works would later influence his career in film scoring along with his common collaborator, Tim Burton.

Most of Danny Elfmans works are tied to Tim Burtons works, such as Nightmare Before Christmas, Corspe Bride, Edward Scissorhand, Batman and of course later work on bigger films such as Spiderman, Avengers, Fifty Shades of Grey (no idea why I mentioned this) and a whole lot more.

He currently posted an album called Rabbit and Rogue for a film making competition in which he invited a lot of film makers to participate in. They would use his score and create a video presentation out of it, whether it be live action, animation or something else entirely.

For my third project which is sadly isolated within a day. I will be selecting his track called “Lyric” and creating a short stop motion animation. The materials given the limitation will be only clay and shot within the day.

Storyboard will introduce a character of lumpy as he evolves from dough to a full character interacting with more clay dough.

The Video


Early Story Idea: A dough, evolves discovering he can make himself bigger with more clay dough. Then slowly realized he can go bigger, he becomes happy and later that thought of making himself bigger consumes him and he absorbs everything. Until he realizes he has taken everything and is left to contemplate his earlier beginnings.

This story was born out of the idea that we as individuals feel we need to be more than what we are, losing our identity for the sake of conformity only to realize we have to go back to the start, to begin again and be who we truly are.