5 in 5 Project 4: Typographic Animation


Motions graphics is quite a tricky thing. It allows us to understand audio, whether it be a song or dialogue in a film in a visual manner. For some strange reason, typographic animation allows us to internalize words when listening and watching simultaneously.

For this project I’ve decided to select a favorite song in Hamilton “Wait for it” which is sung in the musical by Aaron Bur. Right now it’s still hard to get tickets so I guess I’ll settle listening to the soundtrack over and over again.

I’ve decided to constrain myself by using Adobe Premiere rather than Adobe After-Effects which is the golden standard for motion graphics.

Adobe Premiere is a non linear editor which allows you basically edit clips for the final post production process.

Recently Adobe added more features in Adobe Premiere such as keyframe and the ability to make many sequences which can be treated like compositions in After Effects. So for my constraint, I will editing this typographic video only on Adobe Premiere, with its limitations.

I will create the layout of the text through Adobe Photoshop and then import it to Adobe Premiere, in which all the animations will be done there.

I will also be only selecting a portion of the song, which are my favorite lines from the song.

The Video

Behind the Scenes