5 in 5 Project 5: Film Icons


One of the most things I love is film and that I believe was evident in my previous works. Storytelling through various mediums all bundled in a thing called multimedia.

So for my final project I will be designing icons that would represent the 3 stages of film making

Pre Production, Production and Post Production

The icons would be created using illustrator and would be free to use. I will be adding a download link below. The icons originally I wanted to be minimalist in nature but since most icons these days are all just silhouettes, I wanted to opt working on something with a little bit of detail

Pre Production is the phase where planning begins so I thought about using the symbol of a script or storyboard with marks on the paper such as changes or correction.

Production is the process where filming begins so I thought of representing it with a camera.

Post Production is where all the editing happens so I thought of using an iMac with subtle details on video editing inside the icon.

The icons were able to help me discover a trying borderline between that intense minimalism apple tries to do and that little complexity we used to have from the old icons, so that it would be a little bit familiar.