D4TC - Anything is possible


One of the most fascinating things about todays reading was that it brought the idea and sense of various interpretations of certain words or objects that we see and are accustomed to. The first reading which is the Dictionary of the possible introduces words that are defined by a community of speakers a sort of urban dictionary like sense in a way, not diving into accepted meanings but pushing forwards into something else entirely. It was built by a community of various individuals ranging from scholars to artists and a lot of the words do strike me.

3 of the words I chose were: adoration, desire, stage and each of the words were defined differently. Among the 3 what struck me was desire since compared to the others that were quite lengthy desire was basically summed up in a short sentence saying “ If love is blind, then sex is Braille. The thoughts that sum up the words definition brought a dozen brain blasts for me thinking situational moments where the interpretation would be valid or invalid. But the definition itself is a truth, one that a lot can agree on if thought deeply. Now reading the other materials that were a installation piece and a magazine it still brought the same thoughts of anything being a possibility. Finding the structures that define a word or object and defining them as such.

Some random thoughts that came to me when reading the article were:

- Everything is meaningless because everything is a possibility. - Anything could be everything else and it will have just as much meaning. - Definitions tend to ground things with expectations yet there are more diverse things we can infer by analyzing it to meters such as emotion, connection and use in various contexts.