D4TC - Eye See You


What is the big eye in the sky? What is it?

Is it God? Is it the sun? Or is it a expensive satellite or drone monitoring our every move?

We don’t know

But someone out there does.

In the articles we’ve read we’ve discussed the concepts of drones and overhead information and how this is spread throughout the world mostly in the context of surveillance and how it affects us entirely.

Surveillance used to be a concept brought about by secure private agencies or the government back in the 70’s to 90’s however became widespread as the age of the internet began. Surveillance used to be only isolated to the ideas of cameras stationed in posts or buildings observing passerbys however this concept enhanced its spectrum by being associated with drones and the internet. Drones used as observation during the war in Iraq and the countless wars around the world to guarantee a countries safety.

This also expanded to surveillance through social media with coveilance in neighborhoods and communities. This I believe changed a lot of behaviors in society. After all if we know we are being watched then we tend to change our behaviors this I believe was one reason why a lot of people began to change behaviors the moment they all discovered they were being observed by not just drones but the world through webcams, photos and more.

This I believe transitions on to the internet, by mere observation we have transitioned to an age where social media is the surveillance of our friends and the sort of new type of voyerism in our generation. We occasionally stalk or visit a profile to see if they are doing something wrong or checking up on them under some guise of surveilance but what we’re doing is something beyond that. We’ve become a part of a system of surveillance, voyerism and a new type of vanity.

Due to this type of surveillance we are aware of, meaning our friends viewing our profiles, our personalities change to then display a better version of ourselves to this network we have. To obtain more likes, to let people become more aware of our lives as being perfect rather than the condition it is today.

It creates a sort of false loop of surveillance and presentation because we fall prey to this cycle of false advertising in order to have a sort of fulfillment or recognition for our presentation which gives us likes or charts.

This I believe becomes a bigger issue in the long run, something I believe we should reflect upon as individuals and designers for the future. A quote from Slavoj Zizek can enlighten this social media cry we throw out to the world.

“I exist only insofar as I am looked at, all the time”


“Today anxiety seems to arise from the prospect of not being exposed to the others gaze all the time so that the subject needs the cameras gaze as a kind of ontological guarantee of his/her being”