D4TC - Contra-Internet


The readings give to us for this lecture focused on the internet and various systems.




Upon reading both articles, they brought a lot of insight in regards to the way we perceive systems and devices that identify us alongside the networks that house these devices and methods.

Escaping the Face introduced me to the ideas of how biometrics creates a identifier for the individual and that the individual can easily be detected, quantified, analyzed and tracked. This is rather a scary thought because of the way it was implemented initially in a rally and then in various researches.

How we as humans can be detected and analyzed through these methods, if we imagine a bigger picture if human beings are living in a world where these systems are in place. We would be in a way subject to the folly of our expressions and non verbal languages. It however did strike me that while they were developing systems, they were biased to a particular structure namely the white caucasian male and that brought problems to further analysis of other subjects.

This I guess would be a way for us to rethink the way we develop these systems and why we’re developing them and build a security around them in case of misuse.

The second article that discusses the Contra-Internet in 5 sub topics,

  • Killing the Internet

  • Disappearing the Internet

  • Postcapitalist Politcs

  • Contrasexuality

  • Paranodes

Among the five, 1 and 2 fascinated me because it allowed me to reevaluate the definition of the internet and what it is really in terms of a national catastrophe in a country and a functional one in a first world country. It brought several insights on when did the internet change itself from open to something political thats used.

And it allows me to wonder where is the internet today, where is it going, what is it going to be in the future.