Major Studio Final Project Prototype 1


Final Project Prototype 1

Once I was able to analyze the goals and focus of my project which was to let people realize and understand emotion.  I went and figured out what would be an appropriate prototype for my project. To start I wanted to see if people would be able to identify emotions and facial expressions so I created a category type structure prototype where people would analyze faces and determine what emotion they are projecting.

The 6 Basic Emotions were based from Paul Ekkmans Research on  universal basic emotions. These were Joy, Sadness, Anger, Surprise, Fear and Disgust. Most of the images I took were based on his materials and internet searches. However I added one more emotion which was contempt, ( a debatable emotion currently which people can agree to be universal or not)

The instruction was simple: On any of the faces you see organize them according to the emotion you feel they are protraying.

Results: Based on 3 tests People were often confident that they it was easy for them to recognize Anger but would often have trouble with Contempt.

Surprise and Fear were often confused which has been noted as a common occurrence in emotion research. What's striking is that almost everyone would have trouble with the black and white images that only showed emotion through the eyes. So it looks like people would have trouble detecting emotion if only seen through eyes.