Major Studio Final Project Process 2


Final Project Simplified Thought

Field: Psychology and Emotional Analysis

Information is power, information can be used against or towards a person. I want to study emotions and peoples feelings. I want to know why people are hiding them when they’re talking or dealing with other people. (rephrase) [Are people hiding them or are they aware]

Emotions and feelings are expressed visually through non verbal communication in either micro expressions, body language and eyes. Often times people would project politeness in contrast to what they’re really feeling, yet small hints of the full true expression can be shown through body language, micro expressions and the eyes. I want to create a means to interpret (device?) that can read these actions to let other people and the person doing the action know and understand what they feel.

If people can understand their own feelings and the feelings of others it can help them interact with people in social situations and pickup social cues. It can also help us be aware of how we express ourselves to other people.

Because expressing ourselves to others is a social action that distinguishes human beings from animals.

Blog Thoughts

So basically in a nutshell, my project deals with emotions. One of the ways to begin working on that is to study on how people classify emotions, as a first prototype I wanted to see if people can be able to categorize emotion based on images alone. This would help me understand and further the project output.

In the meantime I've written some notes down on some work in progress ideas if I will pursue the software side on detecting microexpression.

“What Every Body is Saying”

  • identify a test group

  • identify individual “tics” in response to specific topics


Digital Micro Expression Goals:

  1. Understand why people hide emotions

  2. Discover how people show their true emotions

  3. What social situations/topics have people hide their emotions and show something else

  4. See how emotions can be quantified and analyzed in a device.

  5. Simulate a situation where people are interacting and analyze the emotion.

  6. Make people realize how they feel if they are awkward and how to detract and be more understanding towards the other person.

Emotion Study Goals

  1. Observe if people can be able to read emotions

  2. Analyze if somethings lacking is their reading

  3. Find a way to see if people can read emotions of another person in a convo

  4. Observe and iterate