Major Studio Final Project Prototype 2


Final Project Prototype 2

Moving past the facial emotions I went to study if people would be able to determine emotion through body language. Unfortunately through research there were was not a set of universal categories but rather determinant points based on a situation. So from my readings on Body Language which was The Definitive Book on Body Language and What Everybody is Saying I've categorize the emotion to binary options.

  • Insecure or Confident

  • Bored or Interested

  • Closed or Open

This allowed me to easily visualize and help the user categorize the body language

The results were rather surprising since they varied from user to user.

Most Confident Recognition based on a 4 user test: Bored & Closed

Least Confident Recognition: Confidence

I'm assuming based on this experimentation that perhaps the reason why we are used to recognizing users who are bored and closed is because we feel that whatever we're saying could be boring to the other person and we become concerned about what we say and often try to make ourselves interesting. (This is just an assumption) [I'll back it off with research]

I'm not sure yet why confidence is not often recognized easily with the test but perhaps it may have something to do with  our perception of confidence and being aggressive. (I'll look more into this). So far the users were able to determine emotions of other people quite easily. So now I'm going to work on the prototype thats going to revert the analysis on themselves.