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How do I start? Trump won. Is this going to influence the design and writeup of this essay/blog piece?

Yes, the answer is yes.

Why is that? Maybe perhaps its because when overwhelming emotions control you, you end up writing about that instead and a lot of the readings we’ve read brought about various insights into what our society can become given various changes to global infrastructure, energy consumption, resources, governance, surveillance and security. Given the events we are not coming to a horrified realization that our fears would probably be realized given that our elected president is someone so focuses for the alt-right and does not agree to most of of our accepted social values about the changing global environment.

Some of the readings did bring about insight to what might occur, but right now it feels all to real that we may indeed descend into a world where our voices and ideas as individuals are outweighed by the government blurring the lines between of both private and public. The film A Scanner Darkly by Linklater touches on this with that we observe and see, in the end consumes us.

And this is a fear I have moving forward given the implications of a Trump administration, that the fears of our readings may seek implementation and we as designers must find ways to shape and take control in the next few days, weeks, months and years to come.