Major Studio Final Project Paper Intro


Final Project - Intro

A. Introduction - Effects of Online interaction.

One of the many ways we communicate through the digital age is through social media, which is described as a collection of online communication channels dedicated to community interaction. Some of the commonly known sites are Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, through these sites people can share moments, memories, reconnect with family and friends, plan events almost instantly. This capability initially was accessed strictly through desktop computers and laptops, yet with the rapid advances in technology this would now be accessible through smartphones.

As the popularity of smartphones began to increase, social media began to adapt operating on mobile devices through the use of applications that run efficiently on them. As of today there are over 322 million people that live in the United States, 64% of whom own a smartphone. This means that approximately 206 million people have access to social media anywhere any time. With the steadily increasing use of social media, and the fact that it hasn’t been around for very long, social media poses many issues with the interactions that people have in real life.