Paper Prototype: 1


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My Initial Question...

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Changing it to: What are stories are effectively told in VR?

Paper Prototyping allowed me to explore the limited viewpoint and control of the user, where VR places you in one position in a scene and you can't have full control of where you want to go.

The prototype gave me valuable insight into the research and construction of the project namely:

  • You have the possibility of many choices to plan (but you must limit these stories to put focus in the narrative)
  • You have to analyze the chaos theory of choice within the narrative
  • The entire 360 scene must be rigorously designed carefully so the user must see only what you want to see
  • Color palette must be determined before hand, to subconsciously lead the user to your focus.
  • The user may at times want to look away (how do you design for this?)

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