A Model of the Collective Journey Structure


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The model helps us explore a new way to look at a story, tell stories, and participate in narrative, that showcases how interconnected we have become.

Narratives to be developed within a communication of stories that intertwine.

1. Decision: Individuals/archetypes on different levels of self-awareness making a conscious, or at times, unconscious choice to do something together: a journey, a project, or an adventure.

2. Planning: Without planning, individuals cannot come to agreements about what they are doing together. 

3. Crossing: Crossing the collective threshold: an event or decision that throws the individuals into the shared experience. No more planning, now they have transitioned into collective action.

4. Conflicts: Internal and external multifaceted conflicts arise within each individual and in the collective as a group working towards cohesion.

5. Storming: Eye of the storm; many individual voices holding to their own narratives, ego, behaviors needs and wants. Breakdowns in the collective as people start shedding their egos and start tuning into a bigger concept than themselves.

6. Cohesion: Moment of cohesion; each individual finds their voice, call and role within the collective.

7. Convergence: A new fully cohesive group has emerged—the collective. They move as one, and still have space for each individual to be fully expressed.

8. The Gifts to the World: The collective now working together, superpositioned and powerful, can serve a bigger cause or community.


ThesisPaolo Villanueva