2013 to 2016 was an incredible set of years. It began with freelance work I did for EDM Festivals and at the same time started my 4th startup, iCommP. iCommp began in 2013 with a team of 5 people and expanded to a massive group of 63 creatives through the investment of the Ateneo de Davao University and Angel Investors in the Philippines.

I led iCommp alongside my co-founders Roark Masbad and Bernie Jereza to produce a variety of projects ranging from architectural structures, broadcast & advocacy campaigns, interactive media experiences and products that focused on social justice, gender equality, environmental protection, the preservation of bio-diversity, and the promotion of renewable energy.

I led the team as its Creative Director, overseeing current projects and initiating new ones at the same time working directly in production. I later left the company in 2016 to pursue graduate studies in NYC.