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The Ateneo de Davao University is a private teaching, service, and research university run by the Society of Jesus in Davao City in the Philippines. It was established in 1948, and is the seventh Ateneo opened by the Jesuits in the Philippines.

It excels in the formation of leaders for society, It excels further in the promotion of the faith that does justice, in cultural sensitivity and transformation, and in inter-religious dialogue.

It promotes social justice, gender equality, good governance, the creation of wealth and its equitable distribution.

It engages vigorously in environmental protection, the preservation of bio-diversity, and the promotion of renewable energy.



The Branding Manual of the Ateneo de Davao University is the visual identity or the graphic expression of who the University is and what it represents.

The branding guidelines team ensured that every material or collateral must be carried out to a professional standard.

The guidelines is written and created by Paolo Villanueva, Bernie Jereza and Roark Masbad of the Ateneo Communications Team; thoroughly reviewed by Jeremy Eliab of the Office of the President to address the issues with institutional branding.




A lot of the print work done for the University has been expansive, ranging from large scale billboards to calling cards.

One of the projects I was really proud working on, was the mural for the Ateneo Business Center in June 2013.



The Ateneo ID Badge Design

One of the most sought out design requests for me and my team was the redesign of the ID badge, given that the design in 90’s was still in effect and we had issues in regards to the size of the photograph for identification.

The font size of the name was difficult to read from a distance, so we opted to focus on image size, and font size for the name and limit the information.

Old Website

Old Website


The University website has been running on old software since the 90’s and it was time for an upgrade.

Issues and complaints were its unresponsiveness to different devices, its confusing navigation, several pages written in flash and the lack of update due to its terribly designed backend for new posts.

To start the project, we immediately considered the faculty and staff who would be updating the website and decided on a modified wordpress system that would allow easy site and post creation.



We experimented updating websites on several offices and schools such as the Office of Student Affairs and the School of Computer Studies.

These websites were our tests and were received well by the community.

Ateneo de Davao Computer Studies Website

The Computer Science Division Cluster website of the Ateneo de Davao University was the first implementation of my customized flat design parallax layout for website. Which led to the redesign of all university websites to this layout. This website runs on the first version of the layout I created and the University Insite runs on the latest version customized specifically for the University.

Project Details

Client: Ateneo de Davao University
Date of Completion November 2013 
Skills: Web Design, Web Programming

Office of Student Affairs Website

The Office of Student Affairs is a website using the flat parallax design similar to the Insite and CS Cluster website.

It was used as a simple training ground for the staff to be familiarized with the function so that they can be able to assist in training all University Departments and offices in managing their sub site once the main University Website is launched.

Project Details

Client: Ateneo de Davao University
Date of Completion January 2014
Skills: Web Design, Development

Ateneo de Davao University Official Gallery

The Ateneo de Davao University Gallery is designed with a focus on photographs. And runs on a different backend and design. The website was designed to only focus on two things Photos and Small Write ups. The power of the website is not in its front end, but in its back end where it synchronises to Adobe Lightroom where our official photographers can upload photos and manage them on the website with great ease.

Project Details

Client: Ateneo de Davao University
Date of Completion May 2014
Skills: Web Design, Web Programming




However in order to scale and test the capabilities of the newly built site,
we redesigned the IntraNet system of the University with the new website system.

This enabled us to train offices to use the website before we launched the final official website of the university.

After a few months of user testing, we built the new Ateneo website from the new engine migrating the assets from the old site
and finally addressed the issues that we encountered upon the start of the project
Ateneo de Davao University Insite (Intranet)
(Cannot be accessed outside campus)

Project Description

The Ateneo de Davao “InSite” is an internal website that focuses on the day to day activities of the Universities. It can only be accessed within the University Campus It contains an updated News Segment, the Blog of the University President, University Memos, Updating Calendar capable of Synchronization to Mobile Calendar Apps, a gallery and more. It is also a hub of all University related information as well as a hub to access university services such as the reservation of conference rooms in the Ateneo Community Center. The website was designed with focus on flat design and parallax which is a growing trend in web design in order to capture the market of students visiting the site.


Ateneo de Davao University Website
Project Description

With the rapid expansion of Web Design in the industry the Ateneo Website which was designed in 2000 needed an update as it had to address multiple issues in regards to responsiveness and UI design. I proposed and lead the team being the iCommp Creative Director of the University in which I was tasked to Design as well as program the website.

The Design for the website is focused on the current web trends, having a flat color scheme and parallax image elements. It also incorporated new open source elements such as support for WEBM videos and other modules & apis

The Project began in 2013 and was finished in early 2014 and slowly we adapted this design to the other University Websites.

Project Details

Client: Ateneo de Davao University
Date of Completion February 2014
Skills: Web Design, Web Programming

Ateneo de Davao University Senior High Website
Project Description

With the campaign for Senior High School in full blast. I started the design for the Senior High School Website following the design pattern of our University Website Family.

Project Details

Client: Ateneo de Davao University
Date of Completion February 2014
Skills: Web Design, Web Programming



With New Media mediums such as podcasts, video, social media, live streaming and virtual reality that are slowly being utilized and produced by the students and offices we added a category in our branding guidelines to help assist the students in producing content within the international standards

At the same time, the team produced several outputs showcasing the possibilities of new media.


Broadcast and Production

We purchased professional grade broadcast equipment for the iCommp office, in use for live streaming events and as well as internal documentation.



Video Production

We produced several high quality videos in collaboration with external partners and internal partners. From events to documentaries, advocacies and more.



Virtual Reality

The next step we did, was to utilize the power of Virtual Reality narratives, through the production of a University Tour through VR headsets.

The output of this production was brought around the world on every University fair we participated in, showcasing the outputs our vision and mission beyond the boundaries of the university and its effect on the world.