Paolo Villanueva
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Designed & Produced by Paolo Villanueva 



I was the Creative Director for Manic Nightnings from 2013-2015 as well as the producer/developer of
multiple collaterals during my time with them.

  • Spearheaded the creative branding campaign for Manic Nightnings and its events such as Carte Blanche.

  • Coordinated with 20 people to organize marketing strategies to 800,000 people for 100% of the client business.

  • Led teams of 30 people to produce, capture and effectively market the events of Manic Nightnings to audiences worldwide

  • Handled media direction on events with audiences of 150,000 to 800,000 and with millions of people streaming online.



Launched in 2013, Carte Blanche is the first EDM Music Festival in Mindanao, Philippines. Year after year, Carte Blanche delivers a party that is much talked about for months.

From the lineup to the hyped atmosphere replete with confetti and memorable sidelights, Carte Blanche was the party to go. Even for non-partygoers.

With audiences of up to 800,000, it was an event worth experiencing. Carte Blanche features DJ lineups from local to international gracing with their hyped up energy from noon till dawn.

Sponsors include Nike Athletic Club, Globe Telecom, Park Inn by Radisson, Phoenix Petroleum, Magic 89.1 and a lot more




The design started out with revamping the initial look of the Lion of Carte Blanche’s branding. Since I was brought in as the new Creative Director, I wanted to scale up the design from the previous look in 2013. Where 2013 had these teal ocean hues, I opted for a more royal violet/purple hue to bring out the neon lights this I believe would then capture attention if people saw the poster in their local stores.

I originally had the first instagram release in a more navy blue/purple transitional hue effect which I felt would be just black on print so I changed and pushed for the purple/violet look. There were several posters I made, one with the tickets, another with the DJ’s, and another with the sponsors.

Overall I would say this was an improvement from the design in 2013 and captured the attention of the potential attendees since we had a 50% increase in attendees with the poster trending on social media, at the time.







Since the varieties of tickets were General Admission, VIP, SVIP & Full Madness.

I created a variety of designs to distinguish the categories of tickets from the Regular Tickets to Sunset Tickets.

I also added a sense of functional design where the Date, Time & Control Number would easily be accessible on the top portion because those are the usual things we look for in a ticket. Then at the bottom add the Bar Code for ticket control.


Sunset Tickets

The Sunset Tickets are for the party goers who want to attend the event but pay a lower price. However they would have to enter the venue from 2 to 5pm. But can stay until the end of the event.
I designed this with the color scheme of the sunset. Basically yellows, reds and oranges.


Regular Tickets

I kept the original Color Scheme of Last Years Ticket Design for the General Admission and expanded the color scheme to green for VIP, Royal Blue for SVIP & Classy Black & Gold for Full Madness.



A Manic Nightnings website was also produced in conjunction with the launch of Carte Blanch to further propel the brand into the future.

The website contained links to purchase tickets, watch live stream and communicate and share thoughts with the organizers.



As the Creative Director I was tasked with the overall look of the event as well as Produce the Thank You Video and Aftermovie. I led the team and worked closely on  pre, prod and post production of the event.

The output you see is a result of 500 Gigs worth of footage captured by my team of 20 creatives



Produced with a team of 20, the Carte Blanche after-movie is the culmination of the rave event.
Showcasing the entire experience of partygoers in a 15-30 minute short film using tracks from the event originally mixed for this production.

I was responsible for directing this video as well as editing it alongside my co-editor Lara Baarde.



This is the first video released 12 hours after the event, to thank everyone who attended as well as sponsors and promoters. This video would also tease the upcoming After-Movie which is 15-30 Minutes in length detailing the entire experience of the event.