Paolo Villanueva

Produced in collaboration with Jhoey Zulueta & Ben Traje which uses projectors and LED screens to present a dynamic interactive narrative performance piece where the background interacts and reacts with the performer.

The Project took 2 months to complete with over 167 hours of total animation rendering time. It was performed for the cultural event night of the Philippine Medical Association Conference

The project was presented to an audience of 8,900

LOCATION: Manila & Davao City Philippines
RESPONSIBILITIES: Producer, Creative Direction, Music, Editor

Ignite-Background copy.jpg




The Storyboard & Base Script



The project started as early as April as I was tasked to produce a shadowgraph performance similar to the performances in Japan. I noticed after researching several pieces, most of the shade and style was in black and white and the power of the piece was executed through the gestures.

Given that I was tasked to make this piece exciting with a spectacle for the audience, I opted to go for bold colors and a powerful original epic score that I would arrange and produce.

After all the initial decisions were done, I began to write an outline for 15 minutes, along with a rough storyboard sketch for the flow of the piece.



After all the post production process, we began modelling the assets and animating scenes in variations. Which we would send to the performers every week, so they can synchronize to the possible range of effects. As well as properly move through the narrative in a seamless performative way.

The animation took 167 hours to render and 40 more hours to render after post production synchronization tests



After 9 synchronization tests with the performers, for the sensors, lights and sizing of the stage. We began compiling all the assets and rendering them for the final performance. Synchronization for performer height was very important to achieve the full power of the performance.



The soundtrack used a mixture of original drum recordings by Paolo Villanueva, digital orchestras and a sample from Two Steps from Hells album. The original drum beats were inspired by the Mindanao tribal drum sounds and strengthened to mimic the intensity of the score of Battlestar Galactica, through the addition of reverb and echo.