Paolo Villanueva

Nowhere is a third person horror video game that explores the topic of inner demons, acceptance and past regrets.

Built with Unity for my Creativity and Computation Studio at Parsons School of Design. The game was inspired classic horror games uch as Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Alan Wake, Forbidden Siren, Clock Tower and The Suffering. This version is currently an early first look given the 2-3 weeks work.


The Story

Noel, wakes up in an empty town after his car crashed, swerving off the bridge. He is doesn’t know what happened to him and why he was there to begin with. All that he has is a note he wrote, that says to pick up a document in a hospital in this town. As he travels toward the hospital he is unaware that there is something following him in the shadows.


Development Logs

This Alpha Version of the game was produced and developed in a span of 2-3 weeks.

The game also showcases what I can be able to produce in a short amount of time, however it still has a long way to go.

– basic run through flow of the game
– a Development Diary Map, behind the scenes
– commentary Track of each location, which was used and unused
– easter eggs
– the quit button


Nowhere Screenshots



Intel Core 2 Duo or Greater
1GB Hard Drive Space
At least 4 GB of Ram
At least 512mb VRAM or 1 GB