Paolo Villanueva
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The Reach Missions is a Machinima Project I undertook with my friends in 2010 who were interested in working in the Animation/Video Production Process.

We created Imaginamation Productions to house the series online as well as other shows we produced. The Team was able to produce over 19 Episodes as well as 2 other online shows.

Studio: Imaginamation Production
Date of Project: Mid 2010
Tasks Director, Animator, Editor, Voice Actor, Scriptwriter
Skills: Animation, Video Production, Music Arrangement, Multimedia

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The production for the 19 episodes of The Reach Missions, took around 4-6 months to write, shoot, edit and upload which consisted a team of 4 Machinima Players and a cast of 7 voice actors.

The process began with a sample draft “video pitch” using a randomly written script to showcase what can be possible with the video capture tools.

We later expanded the outline to a full fledged script based on the feedback from the first video pitch. Since most of the voice actors were across the country, we produced low resolution test sample videos back and forth over the internet for feedback.


The Reach Missions Episodes 


Episode 1: The Dumbest S#%t

Episode 2: Still the Dumbest S#%t

Episode 3: Command and Cookies

Episode 4: It’s an assigned Funeral

Episode 5: We are the ranger scouters

Episode 6: Lost in Translation


Episode 7: Mad as Rabbits

Episode 8: Underground Secrets and stuff

Episode 9: Assasination is beyond my skillset

Episode 10: Duped By A Girl

Episode 11: Underground Parties

Episode 12: Awaiting your arrival


Episode 13: Light and Shadows